What People Are Saying...


Talia Stotts, United States

"When I decided that after my college graduation it was time for me to do something a little different, I was stuck for ideas. A friend of mine had been teaching English in China for 2 years and suggested this option for me. She directed me to the Horizon company for some guidance, and I was not disappointed

The Horizon website was easy to register for and easy to navigate. I had no problem finding jobs that would be suitable for me. In fact, there were so many options that I didn't know where to begin. Luckily, the Horizon recruiters are well trained and well experienced. I spoke with two recruiters that set me up with interviews and gave me advice on which job and location would be best for me.

Now, 4 months after placement at a job I love in a wonderful city, I am still in contact with the recruiters. They continue to offer help and advice for anything that I need, whether that's job-related or China-related.

All in all, working with Horizon was, and continues to be, a satisfying experience that made the process of finding a job in China a piece of cake. I couldn't have done it without them!"


Valmont Moore

"Glad I got a job through Horizon Recruitment. Helen was doing a good job and she is easy to get along with, which to me is the most important thing,some of these agents I met from different companies are a little forceful, i don't like that. I prefer someone who gives me a little time and understanding of the person’s circumstances."


Dora Lakatos

"Helen(Horizon Rep.) was really helpful and nice to me during my job application process. She helped a lot, arranged the interviews with the schools, always answered my questions immediately, and was very patient with me. I’m glad that I found her, and she found me a nice job here, in China. I would highly recommend her to everyone."


Anwar Zarate Padilla

"It’s an amazing experience to find a job from Horizon Recruitment. Thank you for your support. You did a great effort and I think you're a professional recruiter. Keep up with the good work and wish you the best."


Peter Vertes

"Helen(Horizon Rep.) is really friendly and without her it would have been impossible to find a good job in China. During the interviews and the application process she was really helpful and made the communication much more easier between the employer and me. She answered all my questions about the details of the job and called the employer to make things run smoothly every time I asked for her help. Next time if iam looking for another job im sure I will contact her."


Ericka Alonzo

"We are lucky to work with Horizon Recruitment.Daniel and I are really impressed at how well Helen(Horizon Rep.) has done, we are talking to three or four recruiters, and she is the best! Thanks so much. Keep looking for positions and we would love to look and do more interviews this week."


Callum Macleod

"Helen (Horizon Rep.)has done an excellent job in finding me a great English teaching position in China. She is always available if I have any issues or questions. Because of this service I would recommend using Horizon Recruitment to anyone who wants to find work teaching in China."


Eleanor Levinson

"Glad I found Horizon Recruitment, and Helen(Horizon Rep.) was a fantastic agent for me. Although I suffered some setbacks in my quest to find a job in China, she was very patient and kept looking. She didn't give up. She was always available to answer questions over Skype – not only simple questions, but complicated issues of etiquette and planning. By the end, she was not only an agent to me, she was also a friend. I’m very glad to have worked with Helen. I would recommend her to anyone looking for work in China."


Leasha Harrison

"To whom it may concern

I would like to give a big thank you to Horizon Recruitment and your employee, Helen.

Helen took on the whole responsibility of not just finding me a job in China but finding me the right job in China!

Helen was professional and successful in her goal to make this a smooth process. She did all the organizing and she answered all my many, many questions. She was always very friendly and understanding of what I wanted. She used her great communication skills to advise me on the best situation and educate me on the employment process.

Helen, I sincerely thank you for all your hard work and loyalty. In the future I will return to Horizon recruitment and we can enjoy this process again.

A very satisfied customer."


Alin Harbuz

"Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Alin Harbuz and I am a recent graduate of the University of Worcester. Also, due to the help provided by Horizon Recruitment through Mrs Helen, I have managed to obtain a teaching English position in Daqing.

I would like to mention that Mrs Helen has had a very beneficial influence in regards to my job search. She has suggested a number of education institution which would need my services, scheduled several interviews and, overall, has offered a professional service of which I am satisfied. One of the things I appreciate the most about her is that she replies to e-mails promptly and adequately. She has managed to answer all my inquiries and has dealt with them in an excellent manner.

Also, there needs to be stated that Mrs Helen has managed to be a lively person who seems to enjoy interacting with other people. The help she has provided me has been very useful and I would recommend anybody to seek for her advice if they are looking for a teaching English job in China.

In conclusion, I am grateful to Mrs Helen for the support she has offered, I am satisfied with her work and would like to thank her for all the help provided."