Getting Your Visa

Horizon Recruitment

Explaining How The Visa & Arrival Process Works

  1. You will provide your documents (resume, degree, copy of your passport, current photo and reference letter).
  2. You sign a contract (this is your intent to work for a particular school).
  3. You will (in most cases) complete your medical check and email us the results (1-8 days). Download the form here.
  4. You get the non-criminal record from the local police station in your home country´╝îthen have it notarized it by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate.
  5. You get the degree notarization from the Chinese embassy or you can do this through Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE) in Beijing:
  6. The school starts the online visa application after submitting all of the above documents to the government system (Within one week).
  7. The school will then bring the copies of your documents, including the notarized non-criminal record, medical check, contract and degree notarization to the FAO (Foreign Affairs Office) to be approved for a Work Permit (1-3 weeks)
  8. You will take the work permit, a visa application form, passport, and new passport photos to your nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate to apply for an entry Z-visa (If you are not near one, use a company like (1-4 days processing time)
  9. Book your flight (We recommend that you only book one way, China is a place where you will probably stay longer).
  10. Once approved, you can come to China.
  11. Upon arrival, the school will pick you up in the host city and take you to your accommodation, school, etc.
  12. They will then take your passport and newly co-signed contracts to the FAO again, to verify your arrival and validity as a future resident
  13. Within 1-2 weeks you will receive your Foreign Experts Certificate/Residents Permit, allowing you to come and go from China as much as you like until the date of expiry.

....Welcome to China....